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fixed ssh key error for backing up bunsen (probably due to IP changes after power outage)

installed MW upgrade for psycrit

psycrit now running on new server, but needs skin, extensions, other LocalSettings config

Was working on psycrit migration.

Interrupts: emailing Linda, fixing Eudora issue > backing up bunsen

I'm gonna try using this account plus a hashtag as a way of making quick notes about what I'm doing throughout the day, to be collected later (daily? weekly?) into a more permanent / searchable form, probably a wiki page somewhere.

Last night:

Restarted moving "rizzo" backup from waldorf to HexTera2.

Migrated PsyCrit files & data to cloud5, but Apache pulls up generic page, so some config is needed.

Right now:

The backup is still going.

@woozle Trying hypertwins.net as SMTP server instead of cloud4.hypertwins.net

did I even save the notif setting for @woozle?

testing @woozle's email again after putting it back the way it was, because apparently something still isn't right

testing @woozle's email again after restarting Sidekiq

testing @woozle 's email for the 4th time...

testing @woozle 's email for the third time...

Testing @woozle 's email again, after restarting masto-web...

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It loaded once but with a 503 popup, and then on reload it crashed (albeit gracefully -- I get a Mastodon-themed error page).

So, okay.

I really have to wonder if there isn't some way of bypassing that back-end server altogether... or what the consequences would be. Apache is still running just fine, thanks. Maybe redis has crashed?

Oh, but it recovered! Huh.